Sour Lemons–>Lemonade

Hey you! Welcome to my 1st blog post!

If you haven’t learned already, my name is Claudia Marie and this is my blog!

To fill people in, I launched my original blog on January 1st of this year. Unfortunately due to envy, my web domain was hacked and deactivated with no way of recovery. At first I was livid at the individual for how they handled everything, then I realized I had 2 options. Option #1 I could hold onto the grudge and stay angry at that individual forever (tempting), or option #2 I could forgive that individual and build another one that was EVEN BETTER! So here’s where I am. I would be lying if I said that this process hasn’t been frustrating and at moments, defeating. There were times when I was working on it for hours on end and just had to pause to regroup. Every time that I paused I remembered why I wanted to launch this blog in the first place. I had a desire that God placed on my heart to create a platform that not only motivated people to utilize their gifts, but to follow their dreams NO MATTER WHAT. To take the risks, even when all you have is faith. To grow, even though it can be uncomfortable. And to never give up on yourself. To be completely transparent with y’all, when I built my original blog I had no clue what I was doing. It took me some time to teach myself how to build something that I had no previous knowledge/experience with. I say all that to say, this time around I know what I’m doing and I have a better understanding of how things work.

I’m beyond grateful for how everything worked out and through that gratefulness I’m also reminded that even when I don’t understand the tribulations I face, it’s not my job to. It’s His. Throughout your life you will be given sour lemons. Sour lemons that you never saw coming. What you decide to make with the sour lemons, builds your character. Truth be told I’ve been given many sour lemons in my life and I  can honestly say that I wouldn’t want it any other way. When I’m able to look back at all I’ve been through and where I am now, I get to see God’s faithfulness through it all (which makes the lemonade that much more sweeter to drink).

This experience is just a chapter in my book of testimony and this new blog is just an example of how you turn sour lemons(life’s trials), into lemonade(life’s victories).




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  1. Ellen White says: Reply

    What a beautiful message. We can address each situation with a “sour” face or a “sweet” face. Thank you Claudia. You make every room you walk into better by your presence (Pastor Keith)

    1. Ellen,
      Thank you for your great love and wisdom!! Love you!!


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