Checkered Pasts

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My hope for you is that this post both motivates and inspires you to become who you are meant to become and to view your checkered pasts as stepping stones to victory!

So as I was brainstorming content for this week’s blog post, I was torn between blogging about travel or biblical. After this week’s bible study, God gave me the answer!

When I opened my book Saturday morning the chapter was titled, “Checkered Pasts Can Make Incredible Preachers.” When I read the words, “Checkered Pasts”, I immediately could relate. But when I read the words, “Can Become Incredible Preachers”, I felt skeptical and unequipped. So the big question is, why is it so difficult for us to look back on our pasts that we have overcome, but yet still feel unequipped to lead others because of them? Maybe it’s because we KNOW every bad decision we’ve ever made and fear that if people only knew everything about us they would judge us based upon our checkered pasts. Pause. Guess who else knows EVERY shortcoming and EVERY bad decision we’ve ever made? God. He KNOWS us and STILL loves us with an unconditional love that is UNFAILING! I personally have quite the checkered past. I have made numerous mistakes in my life, some I’ve even made over and over again because I didn’t quite learn the first time. I’ve hurt people I loved most. I’ve put myself in situations that could have been avoided. And I’ve also hit, what felt like rock-bottom. One of the main reasons why I wanted to start this blog was to be acknowledged for who I really am, what I’ve overcame, and what I’m currently overcoming.

At this time in my life I’ve done some reflecting on who I used to be and who I am now. Never would I ever think that God could EVER use me in a way that He’s using me now. From a girl who used to live for the night and spend Friday nights in the club scene, waking up late Saturday afternoon just to do it all over again. To the woman who enjoys her nights in, going to bed early so she can wake up for Saturday morning bible study with some of the most wise and influential women she’s ever encountered. When you start surrounding yourself with people who TRULY value you and what you value, you begin evolving into someone who strives to live a better life.

I’m no where near perfect, I still sin, but what makes me different is that I learn and I forgive myself because God already has.

People with checkered pasts CAN make incredible preachers because you can use those past mistakes as stepping stones into becoming who you are meant to become. They don’t define you, they remind you of where you’ve BEEN and where you’re GOING. My past doesn’t limit me and neither should yours. Having the opportunity to share God’s MERCY and GRACE on your life through your checkered past should be viewed more as a privilege, and less as a disqualification.

“There is NO STAIN that disqualifies us from sharing the living hope of Christ with the dying world around us, nor do we deserve to be His ambassadors –it is a gift and a privilege.” -Lisa Harper

The chapter spoke about how God STILL used both Peter and Paul in MIGHTY way. Despite the stains from their pasts, they still went on to become GREAT LEADERS for His Kingdom and so can YOU!





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