Growing up a hopeless romantic you could’ve already guessed that I’ve always had dreams of attending the Royal Wedding.

It was a dream that felt distant and slightly unattainable but one I always held onto. 
One that was just big enough that it seemed unrealistic.

I remember a specific time in bible study one morning when somebody had mentioned, “Hey you might even be able to attend the Royal Wedding while you’re there!” I immediately thought how cool that would be, but didn’t quite think it would happen. Little did I know that in less than a month I would get to experience something that I had only dreamt of.

My new friends here were planning on just watching it on TV because they knew how crazy it was going to be. However, I decided that I needed to cease this opportunity even if that meant going alone. I had done my research of the routes the couple were going to be taking after their wedding. They began at St. George’s Chapel and ended at Windsor Castle. I decided that where Albert Road and Long Walk Road met(#4) would be a great spot. Windsor Castle is about and 1hr 15min from where I’m currently staying, keep in mind I just barely learned how to drive on the wrong side of the road so it was a wee bit risky but worth it.

That morning I woke up, made breakfast, filled up the car and set off for the Royal Wedding. I decided to park in Old Windsor because I figured that many roads were going to be blocked off and it would be the easiest to access. I had to walk about 4 miles to get where Albert Road and Long Walk Road met, luckily, I had thought ahead and brought along comfy walking shoes to walk in! Brilliant, I know! Haha!

There were many people lined around the barricade gates and there were cameras everywhere. The wedding had just begun shortly after I arrived. Fashionably late as always! Lol

I was able to watch the wedding LIVE on a wide projector screen that they had set up. There were heaps of food trucks with various foods and beverages. I also found a lad who was selling UK AND American flags so you know I had to represent! I’m pretty positive that there weren’t many Americans there because all I recognized where English accents (which have grown on me). I made some new friends while waiting for the Royal Newlyweds which was awesome because I was alone and felt like a dork! Haha!

The day was beautiful. The atmosphere was perfect. Love filled the air, just like how I imagined.

What I love most about Prince Harry and Princess Meghan’s love story is that Meghan was just an American actress. She didn’t have a single drop of royal blood in her. Despite it all,  Prince Harry still chose her and she chose him back.

This Royal Newlywed couple are an example to us all that true love does infact,  STILL exist,  and to choose to always have hope.

On Saturday, May 19th, 2018:
My slightly unattainable, distant, and unrealistic dream came true. 
It is a memory that I will cherish forever and can’t wait to tell my future children about. 
History was made right before my American brown eyes and dreams came true.

Click link below to view Royal Newlyweds:



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  1. Ellen White says:

    Look, you did go to the royal wedding! Whoa, so cool!

  2. Gloria Sanchez says:

    I’m so happy that you got to go see the Royal Couple, so in Love!!!

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