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Have you ever had the urge to do something completely spontaneous?! Like break the year lease to your apartment, pack a suitcase and travel to the UK for 5 months?? No? Just me? Okay. Lol

Well that is exactly what I decided to do! Crazy.. I know. You should have seen my father’s face when I told him my great plans!! Although it seems a wee bit last minute, this is something that I’ve been praying over for months and I finally worked up enough courage to take that step of faith into the unknown! To be honest I really wasn’t scared at all, I had more excitement than anything else! I was excited for growth and new experience!

It’s so beautiful and the people I’ve encountered are kind  with some cool accents! Haha! You will be shocked to know that I’ve also replaced my coffee addiction with TEA!! CRAZY I KNOW!! I’m in love with tea now! It’s only been less than a week since I arrived and I already feel like I’ve grown so much! Still learning how to drive on the wrong side of the road but I’m catching on quick!


7 Benefits of Traveling:

1. Expands your mind

2. Gives you perspective

3. Encourages self-reflection

4. Opportunity to relax and regroup

5. Boosts your mood & confidence

6. Exposes you to different people & ideas

7. Rewires your brain & increases creativity


I hope this post encourages you to take a step of faith on something you’ve been wanting to do! No matter if it’s a small or big step, take it. You’re life will thank you for it!!

My goal throughout this experience is to bring NEW and FRESH content that will be beneficial to you, whether that’s sharing places to see or things to do I want to create a travel itinerary for y’all to follow if you’re thinking of traveling here! The awesome thing is that unlike traveling here for a week or two, I will be here longer so I’m able to go to many places and give a better insight! I will be posting MANY pictures on my Social Media so feel free to follow me on my journey and SUBSCRIBE to my blog to stay connected! Thank you for your support thus far, I’m forever grateful!


3 Replies to “THE UK WAY”

  1. YOU ARE so inspiring! keep living your best life!

    1. Brooke,
      Thank you beautiful! I’m truly grateful for your love, support, and friendship! You are a true woman warrior for God!

  2. Shannon Babcock says:

    You are a star & a wonder, my dear!! Love this post. Thank you for the encouragement💕

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